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Tyres Change

Tyres Change Carlton

We cater to most leading tyre brands in the industry and use up-to-date equipment for wheel balancing, tyre pressure checks and tyre fitting. We specialise in all types of tyres including run-flat tyres for any vehicle. So, if you have an SUV, a small car, a Ute or a 4-wheel car, JMP Tyres is the place to visit for any kind of tyre services.

Contact us for any tyre-related service like wheel alignment, servicing or balancing.

At JMP Motorworks, we offer free consultation if you need to know which brand of tyres is best suited for the optimum performance for your vehicle. For any puncture repairs, we offer the best solutions and quick services wherein we can recommend the best way forward for your vehicle. Often, fixing a tyre is the best way rather than replacing the tyres. However, each vehicle, it’s condition and requirement are different from the other. We only recommend what is best for your car and your budget.

"Efficient tyre and wheel services facilitate a smooth drive, increased fuel efficiency, easier handling of the vehicle along with an increased longevity of the vehicle."