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Oil & Brake Checks Carlton, Sydney

Oil & Brake Checks Carlton

The braking system of a car significantly attributes to your safely, thereby making it crucial to work seamlessly. It is best to get your car checked if you experience any concerns like:

  • High-pitched noise while braking

  • Delay in stopping when brakes are applied

  • Car pulling towards right or left when braking

  • Vibration or shaking in the car when brakes are used

The car’s braking system is the most important feature in your car safety as it ensures timely stopping/ slowing of your car when needed. Sometimes simple fixes like just changing the braking fluid or the brake disc pads due to wear and tear with time contributes to superior brake responsiveness. We use premium brands so that you can drive safely and your brakes last longer.

If you keep the oil of your car timely topped-up, you will experience optimum performance and drive in your car. You can check the level of oil in your car once a week by using a dipstick. Other signs for low levels of oil are:

  • If the warning light of the engine oil pressure is flashing

  • When you start/ run the car and there is a knocking noise

  • Engine overheat

It is imperative to change the oil of your car because if you are facing any of the above symptoms because these may cause considerable internal damage to your car, which can be expensive to fix if not fixed timely.

"Each engine different from the other and therefore needs a certain grade of engine oil. Contact us now to get your car’s brakes and oil checked."