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Welcome To JMP Motorworks

At JMP Motorworks, we maintain high benchmarks in quality while delivering auto repair services throughout Sydney for more than 30 years. We use the latest tools and equipment to diagnose and repair any minor or major concerns with your vehicle.

We partner with various car dealerships and coordinate with the car insurance companies to make the process hassle-free for our valued customers.

  • Customer-centric approach
  • State-of-the-art tools and technology
  • Experienced mechanics with exceptional skills in the trade
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JMP Motorworks
JMP Motorworks
Marshall Van

Mobile Battery Solutions On The Go

The battery of the car is a crucial part of your vehicle, which provides energy for the ignition system and starter. Also, give extra power to run vehicles accessories. There are many things like; climate changes, driving habits, usage, and many other things to consider while buying a car battery.

Due to our partnership with MARSHALL BATTERIES, we provide the best batteries for your car with Australia-wide WARRANTY.

We have an extensive range of batteries and technicians who checks and advise the right battery for your car at a fair price.

Offering You The Best Solution For Your Car

We are dedicated to providing superior value in all parts installed and services performed. Quality and our desire for excellence are at the heart of this commitment.


Auto parts which prove to be unserviceable during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge.

Unbeatable Prices

We provide outstanding rates and unsurpassed customer service for any type of automotive repair.

Professionally Qualified

With over 30 years of experience, Professional Mechanic has earned our strong reputation.

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Dedicated Mechanics

Dedicated Mechanics

Our competitive and cost-effective prices and quality services ensure that you get the best results for your vehicle...

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Car checks

Car Checks

Regular car checks ensure the longevity of your vehicle along with smooth functioning without burning a hole in your...

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Oil & brake Checks

Oil & Brake checks

The braking system of a car significantly attributes to your safely, thereby making it crucial to work seamlessly. It is best...

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Breakdown Service

Breakdown Service

Unexpected breakdowns can cause a disruption in your otherwise perfect day. We offer a turnaround time of 60 minutes...

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Tyres Change

Tyres Change

We cater to most leading tyre brands in the industry and use up-to-date equipment for wheel balancing, tyre pressure...

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Battery Change

Battery Change

While the battery of the car is the main source of power and energy for the car, it contributes to various uses that are related...

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Performance Work

Performance Work

We are one of the most trusted dealers in the performance work industry. We specialise but are not limited to the performance work...

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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

A fully functional air conditioning system is one the basic needs while driving a car. A routine car service can ensure...

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Special Support

Get Special Support from our specialists who are available 24/7 to provide quality service.

(02) 9546 8749
(04) 0245 5490
Special Support


Honest and very professional and took care of my car.

Just recently had an issued with my Honda Jazz vibe-S as wasn't start the engine anymore, decided to rang this shop and it was a tremendous customer service, Jerry is one in a milion mechanic. Genuine and willing to help. thank you very much Jerry.

Honest mechanic, looks after his customer, reasonable price and quality work. Definitely taking my car back here for service and any repair.

JMP were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Amazing service (even dropped off our car at no charge), friendly and honest at a very fair price. Will definitely keep going back. Thank you Jerry

Top service from Gerry. Highly recommended no doubt.

Friendly and thorough service.

Jerry is really patient and understanding the vehicles really well.

Oustanding service, really nice experience

Honest and very professional service. Friendly and patient staff. Definitely will come back.

The most fun loving and honest person Jerry who goes above and beyond to help you out with your car. Very good man

Jerry is awesome, please to work with him and service my Merc E class.

Shane Laaman

Arish E

Cholo Lopez

John Papageorgiou

Calvin Lu


Ying Zhou

Elvis chiu

Qin Xu

Arefin Ayon

Anuj Trikha

Selling Only Quality Brands

Vehicle Diagnostics

  • 1 Air Conditioner Repairs

    Get the best air conditioner repairs, maintenance, and installation service from our experienced experts. If your car’s air-conditioner is not working properly or even if it is a routine check, we can offer quick and competent services.

  • 2 Disc Pad Replacement

    A properly functional braking system is crucial for your safety and smooth functioning of your vehicle. Brake pads usually need replacement between 40,000-60,000 kms, however this maybe different depending on the way a vehicle is driven and the conditions in which it is used.

  • 3 Drum Brake Shoe Replacement

    All the replacements that we offer for drum brakes have a warranty. Drum brakes if not working properly can slow your car. While most new cars have disc brakes but older version of some vehicles still have drum brakes and comprise of 2 aspects. The condition of drum brakes cannot be checked visually.

  • 4 Cooling System Repairs

    Choose premium cooling system inspection and repairs service at affordable cost at JMP Motorworks.Our team assess any concerns in your car’s cooling system and offers fast repairs or replace if required.
    We provide a quote before actioning any repair or replacement work.